Guides and metrics: Solvent selection guides

The CHEM21 solvent selection guide

In this video Denis Prat explains the work of the CHEM21 consortium in developing its own solvent selection guide of classical and less-classical (including bio-derived) solvents, including its formulation and scope.  

This work is also published as an open access article[1] alongside an associated Excel spreadsheet (in the supplementary data) that will enable the user to rank a solvent not included in the list according to the guidelines outlined in the publication.

Furthermore, the spreadsheet has now been adapted into an interactive tool for the platform.

  1. D. Prat, A. Wells, J. Hayler, Sneddon, C. R. McElroy, S. Abou-Shehada and P. J. Dunn, CHEM21 selection guide of classical- and less classical-solvents, Green Chem., 2016, 18, 288–296.